Dear final-year students,

It is our honour to announce that the 14th Graduation Ceremony will be held on 30 June 2022 (Thursday) at University Hall, UIC Campus. The registration portal will be released to you soon, please pay attention to the relevant procedures and formal announcement in due course.

As you will soon be graduating from UIC, here as follows some information about academic documents which may be useful while you are exploring various options:

Official Documents and Tentative Release Dates

Official documents will be made available as per the below-listed timeline:

  1. Certificate of Graduation/Studies to be issued by UIC (release date: 30 June 2022);

  2. UIC Testimonial (confirmation of the graduation status) (release date: 30 June 2022);

  3. 4-year Academic Transcript (through the self-help printing machine)

    3.1 Only FULL List of all of your academic records (available from 20 June 2022);
    3.2 Full List of all of your academic records plus Award Information (available from 29 June 2022)

    Note: Award Information means the sentence of “The degree award was approved by the Senate of Hong Kong Baptist University on 28 June 2022 and the degree diploma will be issued after the Commencement in November 2022” will be shown in Transcript.

  4. HKBU Testimonial (for those who fulfils the requirements for the award of Bachelor’s Degree) (tentative release date: around early July 2022);

  5. The Bachelor’s Degree Diploma to be issued by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) (around mid-November 2022, subject to HKBU’s confirmation).
    An Announcement of the exact dates will be made in due course.

For those seeking further studies abroad

Whether you are submitting your applications for an overseas postgraduate programme through online portals or education agents, it is crucial for you to carefully check the official documents required and the respective submission deadlines.

Experiences by past graduates told us that some overseas education institutions would NOT consider candidates for unconditional offers and study visa applications if they fall behind the deadlines for document submission. In some extreme cases, overseas education institutions may request candidates to defer their postgraduate studies to another semester or academic year.

Therefore, if you aim to commence your postgraduate studies abroad in a specific semester or academic year, please be reminded to approach the Admission Office of the overseas institution sooner than later and confirm with the staff the respective deadlines and requirements for the required documents. Should you encounter any difficulties during the course of application, you are most welcome to contact us for further assistance and support via email to

We hope the above information helps and all of you have a very bright future!

Academic Registry

United International College