Dear Graduates,

Your registration for the 14th Graduation Ceremony to be held on 30 June 2022 (Thursday) has been successful. Please pay attention to the event schedule and the important notes listed below. In particular, please observe the Campus Entry Restrictions (Note 1) and the Social Distancing and Health Measures on Campus (Note 2).

Event Schedule and Details

ActivityVenueSession 2Session 3Session 4
Robe in your academic regalia (Note   3)Before you come for ticket   collection
Ticket Collection (Note 4)SP-20109:30-10:3013:00-14:0016:00-17:00
Assembly & BriefingSP-30510:3014:0017:00
Dress RehearsalUniversity Hall11:0014:3017:30
Graduation Ceremony11:30-13:3015:00-17:0018:00-20:00
Collection of Graduation Documents (Note 5)T4-SSAC13:30-14:3017:00-18:0020:00-21:00

Collection of 报到证Graduation Employment Survey (Note 6)

Collection of Class Photo
Alumni Counter
UICEF Donation Counter13:30-18:00

Important Notes:


1.  Campus Entry Restrictions: Please pay attention to the latest e-announcement on campus entry restrictions made by UIC 疫情防控工作小组which will be adjusted in light of the COVID-19 and the local alert level.


2.    Social Distancing and Health Measures on Campus:

a)     Please wear a mask at all times;

b)     Maintain a social distance of 1 metre at all times;

c)     Wash or disinfect your hand frequently and thoroughly;

d)   Call (0756) 3620120 or visit the campus clinic immediately if you need on-campus medical support.


3.  Dress Code and Academic Regalia: Dark-coloured trousers or skirts, flat shoes in good clean conditions are recommended. Graduates wearing jeans, sports shoes or sandals of any kind will NOT be admitted to the Ceremony. Limited number of regalia items is available for loan from EMO Service Counter at SP-301 on a first-come-first-served basis. Samples of dress code recommended or not recommended are shown in attachment 1 for your reference.


4.   Graduate Admission Ticket:

a)  You are required to collect your tickets in-person by presenting your ID card or Passport. Late collection will NOT be entertained. Please keep yourGraduate Admission Ticketwith you at all times as you will need to present it to your Programme Marshal to read out your name when you proceed onto the stage for your award.

b) The Graduation Ceremony is exclusive to finalists who have already met the graduation requirements. Please refer to the “Name List of the First Batch of Graduates 2022” to check your eligibility.


5.  Graduation Documents: (For details, please refer to attachment 2):

a)   You can collect the Certificate of Graduation and UIC Testimonial in-person by presenting your ID card or Passport; OR

b)   You may authorize a classmate to collect the documents on your behalf. He/she must present an authorization letter issued by you. Sample authorization can be downloaded at; OR

c)  You can apply for courier service by providing your mailing address and information at;

d)   These documents are only released to the First Batch of Graduates after the Graduation Ceremony.


6. Graduation Employment Survey: Please complete the Graduation Employment Survey at at your earliest convenience.


7.   Daily Health Report from now to 30 June 2022: As the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is still evolving, reporting your health condition and current location on a daily basis is essential for the event. Please login WeCom to complete the health report survey every day.


8.   Photo/Video-taking During the Ceremony: Official photography will be arranged. Graduates are requested NOT to take photos/videos during the ceremony in order to minimize disturbance.


9.   House Rules: No smoking, drinking, eating will be allowed in the auditorium.


10. Bad Weather Arrangement: When Typhoon Signal Orange, Typhoon Signal Red or Rainstorm Signal Red is hoisted, the Ceremony may be postponed. Please refer to the official announcement which will be made by the College in due course.


11. Live-broadcast: As a result of the pandemic, we unfortunately cannot invite your guests to witness this celebration in person. Please invite them to join us virtually by viewing the real-time broadcast via (for PC access) or scan this code (for mobile access):


Scan to view the live broadcast of the 14th Graduation Ceremony


For queries about the Ceremony, please email to


Best Regards,
Task Force of UIC Graduation Ceremony 2022

25 June 2022