Dear students,

Application for programme transfer are processed once a year. Those who are interested to transfer to another programme effective from Semester 1 of 2021-22 Academic Year are invited to join the briefing session on 3 March 2021. Please also observe the application procedures and guidelines listed below.

Briefing Session:

Date: 3 March 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 12:00 noon

Venue: T2-101

Application Procedures:

Application Period: 1 March 2021 (9:30am) to 12 March 2021 (4:30pm)

Method: Apply online through UIC Portal (you are recommended to use a desktop or laptop to complete the online form). Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Notification of Results:

Students will be informed of the results via email by early May 2021.


  1. Students is allowed to change his/her study programme only once in his/her four-year study at the College.

  2. Students (especially those in Year 2 or Year 3 currently) who wish to transfer to another programme should take note the possibility of delayed graduation and additional tuition incurred as make-up courses might be required by the new programme.

  3. Students, a) with cGPA below 2.00, or b) in Year 4 or Concessional Year currently, or c) on suspension of study are not eligible to apply for programme transfer.

  4. Students admitted to the Musical Arts Programme are not eligible to apply for programme transfer.

  5. Students approved for transfer to another programme should follow the designated curriculum requirements and academic rules, and be responsible for checking the programme requirements, making up any courses, unit or GPA deficiencies as a result of the transfer. The College is not obliged to alter its teaching schedules, courses offerings, or make any other arrangements to accommodate the needs arising from programme transfer.

  6. Grades earned from all the courses taken in the former programme, without any exception, will be carried forward automatically to the new programme, and be included in the GPA calculation. The related courses will be marked with “#” and be recorded in the transcripts. Please refer to the link below for more details.

If you have any inquires on inter-programme transfer and course transfer, please contact Ms. Jasmine MAO (Tel: 0756-3620357; Email:

Useful links:

  1. General Rules Governing Inter-Programme Transfer

  2. General Rules for Course Transfer under the New Curriculum (Click this link, find “Inter-Programme Transfer”)

Academic Registry



在每学年的第二个学期开学初接受申请,教务处以邮件/公告形式通知学生(Programme Transfer Exercise)。申请开放期间,教务处会举行专场简介会以方便同学了解转专业的具体流程和注意事项。


学生通过UIC Portal ( 网上报名,在截止时间(2021年3月12日下午4点半)前提交申请,逾期或填写不完整的申请表都将不予受理。


  1. 在大学四年制学习中,学生有且仅有一次转换专业的机会。

  2. 欲申请转换专业的学生(特别是大二、三年级学生),必须考虑到有可能因补修新专业的课程而需延期毕业,且需承担额外学费以便完成在新专业的课程。

  3. 有以下情况的学生不符合转专业资格:a) cGPA 低于2.00,b)大四及延毕的学生,c) 处于休学状态的学生。

  4. 艺术类专业不接受转出和转入。

  5. 批准转入新专业的学生必须遵守新专业制定的教学计划和评分机制,学生有责任核查新专业的毕业要求补修缺失课程,补齐毕业学分并达到毕业绩点要求。校方不会为迎合此类学生的特殊需求,而改变任何教学计划、开设特别课程等安排。

  6. 原专业已修读的课程(包括学分及成绩)将全部自动转到新专业,并在成绩单上加注符号“ # ”。

  7. 转专业将从紧接的新学年起生效。