Dear Year-1 Students,

If you are interested in taking a Minor programme starting from Semester 1 of AY2021-22, please pay attention to the following arrangement:

I. Application Procedures

1. List of Minor Programmes & Target Students:

There are 21 minor programmes to be offered to 2020-cohort students. Please click here for the handbook of individual minor programme for more details. Please pay attention to the “target students” of individual minor programme and some of them may not be applicable to you.

2. Application Period:

Minor Programmes

Application Period


7 April (3:00pm) to 16 April 2021 (12:00noon)

Others except Music

21 April (3:00pm) to 11 May 2021 (12:00noon)

*: Audition is required and has been tentatively scheduled from 5 May (WED) to 6 May 2021 (THU) in CC129. The Music Office of DCC will notify students of their specific audition time slot shortly after the application deadline.

3. Application Method:

Apply online through UIC Portal by using Google Chrome browser (desktop or laptop only) within the application period as mentioned above. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

4. Result will be announced via email before the course selection for semester 1, AY2021-22 tentatively scheduled in July 2021.

II. Briefing Sessions

You are invited to attend the briefing sessions hosted by different divisions. Detailed schedule is as follows:

III. Enquiries:

1. For questions about the admission requirements of minor programmes which may vary from programme to programme, please contact the respective division officers as below:

(1) Division of Business and Management (DBM): Ms. Candice FU

       Email:  TEL: (0756) 3620 469

(2) Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC): Ms. Zoie ZHOU

       Email:  TEL: (0756) 3620 392

(3) Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC-Music office): Ms. Manuel Wanyao RONG

       Email:  TEL: (0756) 3620 840

(4) Division of Humanities and Social Science (DHSS): Ms. Season WU

       Email:  TEL: (0756) 3620 749

(5) Division of Science and Technology (DST): Ms. Fannie FANG/ Ms. Jing ZHANG

       Email:  TEL: (0756) 3620 200 / 986

2. For the College regulations on taking Minor Programmes, please refer to the link (click here) for details.

3. Any questions regarding online application, please contact Ms. Jasmine MAO for assistance (, TEL: 0756-3620357).

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