Dear students,

Please be informed that youare required to complete the student registration process for Semester1 of 2022-23 academic year online by 11 September 2022 (5:00pm):

Online Registration Period:

September (9:00 amto11 September 2022 (5:00 pm)

Registration Procedures:

1) Login using your Student ID and password (Please use chrome browser);

2) Click module “Student Status Registration” ;

3) Check personal information and update if necessary;

4) Click the button“Register”.

After completing the online registration, please bring your Student ID Booklet for stamping at the designated location:

Student ID Booklet Stamping Period:

13-16 September 2022 (11:00 am -2:00 pm & 5:00 pm -7:00 pm)


T4 Staff and Student Activities Centre


  1. According to the Ministry of Education Pronouncement, No. 41, “students shall complete the registration procedures according to the regulations of the College at the beginning of each semester. Those who fail to pay up tuition fees as stipulated by the College or do not meet other registration requirements shall not be registered.”

  2. Students who have outstanding tuition and/or fees in their student accounts should contact the Finance Office for payment settlement before proceeding with the online registration.

  3. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes for which they have registered. If absence is due to conditions beyond your control, you shall submit an official application for leave of absence. For details of the application procedures, please refer to

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us via

Thank you for your attention.

Academic Registry




202295(上午9:00) –911日时(下午5:00)


1) 用UIC账号密码登陆此链接:请使用chrome浏览器登录);

2) 进入“Student Status Registration”模块;

3) 核对个人信息,如需要可自行在系统更新;

4) 点击“Register”按钮完成注册



2022913-16(上午11:00-下午2:00 & 晚上5:00-7:00)




  1. 根据教育部41号令的规定:“每学期开学,学生应当按学校规定办理注册手续。不能如期注册的,应当履行暂缓注册手续。未按学校规定缴纳学费或者有其他不符合注册条件的,不予注册。”

  2. 对于存在欠缴纳学杂费的同学,请先按财务处指示完成学杂费缴费手续再进行线上注册。

  3. 对于本学期已注册的课程,同学们需按时参加课程教学活动。如因本人无法控制的原因缺席需及时向所属学部办理请假手续。请假手续详见: