Special Attention
(1) Seat number will be assigned to students and released via MIS 1 week prior to the Final Examinations Period.
(2) Any student found engaging in any form of cheating during an examination will be disqualified from the course. If that student is found cheating a second time, he/she will be dismissed from the college.
(3) Students will not be allowed to enter the examination venue after the first 30 minutes of the examination.
(4) Students are not normally allowed to leave the examination venue until the end of the examination unless they get the approval from the Chief Invigilators.
2. Examination Regulations--Extracts (with modifications) from the ‘GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMMES’ of UIC:
[5. Examination Regulations
5.1. Students are not allowed to sit for an examination if they:
a) have not completed the proper course/programme enrolment procedures; or
b) have not satisfied attendance requirements because of excessive absence from class; or
c) have not settled any fees owing to the College.

5.2. Students should read the examination timetable carefully and take note of the date, time and venue of the examinations. Having forgotten or misread the examination timetable is normally not an acceptable  excuse  to  apply for make-up examinations.

5.3. Students should arrive at the examination venue at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the examination, and be seated in accordance with the seat number assigned to them.

5.4. Students will not be allowed to enter the examination venue after the first 30 minutes of the examination.

5.5. Students are not allowed to leave the examination venue during the first 30 minutes after the examination has started, and the last 15 minutes of the examination. For other time, students are normally not allowed to leave the examination venue except with the permission of the Chief Invigilator.

5.6. If students are allowed by the invigilator to leave the venue during an examination session, they should:
a) first check whether they have put down their names, student ID numbers and course code (even if no attempt has been made to answer any questions) on the answer books and papers;
b) raise hand and wait for an invigilator;
c) leave only when the invigilator has signified his/her assent.

5.7. Students who wish to leave the examination venue temporarily during an examination session should:
a) raise hand and wait for an invigilator;
b) leave only with the approval of the invigilator.
Before leaving the venue, the invigilator has the right to check whether the student has placed any unauthorised  articles/items in his/her pocket(s).

5.8. Students should bring their Student Card (or Identity Card) which should be displayed at the top right-hand corner  of the desk throughout the examination. Students without any such identification may not be allowed to sit for the examination.

5.9. Before entering the examination venue, students should make sure that unauthorised articles/items (e.g., books, manuscripts, papers, notes, paper dictionaries, and all kinds of electronic/communication devices such as mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, databank watches) are taken out/off from their pockets/body and placed inside their bags. Mobile phones/electronic devices must be turned off.

5.10. Once students have entered the examination venue, they should place their bags in the location designated by  the Chief Invigilator. They should also make sure that no unauthorised articles/items are put on the desk unless prior approval is given by the Chief Invigilator.

5.11. Students must not turn over the pages of the examination question paper and must not  start  attempting  the questions until they are instructed to do so.

5.12. Students should remain absolutely silent throughout the examination and must not speak or do anything to disturb others. If they have questions, they should put up their hands and wait patiently for an invigilator.

5.13. At the end of the examination, students should:
a) promptly stop writing and wait until the invigilator has collected all answer books;
b) leave only when the invigilator tells them to do so;
c) not remove anything from the examination venue except personal belongings and the question paper (if allowed).

5.14. Students have the sole responsibility to ensure that the examination regulations are observed and complied with. Students who are found to have breached any of the examination regulations will be subject to penalty or disqualification.

5.15. A student who has committed any of the following offences is subject to receiving an F grade for the course or the examination:
a) Copying other students’ work or any form of cheating inside or outside the examination venue;
b) Having unauthorised articles/items on the examination desk, in the pockets or on his/her body after entering the examination venue and during the examination session;
c) Removing articles/items other than personal belongings from the examination venue;
d) Leaving the examination venue without permission;
e) Continuing to write after the end of an examination;
f) Disobeying instructions of an invigilator.
In addition, such cases will be submitted to the Student Disciplinary Committee for further action.

5.16. A student who is absent from an examination without an acceptable excuse  and proper documentation  evidence will receive zero marks for that examination paper.

Arrangement of Examinations on the Approach of a Typhoon or Rainstorm
5.17. Examinations may be postponed on the approach of typhoons or rainstorms in accordance with the decision of the College. Students should check the Academic Registry website for the new arrangements (if any). ]


Important Notes to Students on Final Examinations