(revised on 18 March 2021)

The following UIC General Rules governing inter-programme transfer

  1. Non-final year students may apply to the Academic Registry for change of study programme in the second semester of each academic year. Applications at other times of the academic year will normally not be considered.

  2. New students are not eligible for changing the study programme while the Notice of Admission is being sent out and during the New Students Registration period. Students with special study status (i.e. on suspension, etc.) are also ineligible.

  3. Students admitted to the Musical Arts Programme are not eligible to apply for programme transfer.

  4. Students are normally expected to have met the admission requirements of the new study programme and to have attained a cGPA of not less than 2.0 in their studies in order to proceed with the application.

  5. Applications will have to be approved by the Programme Directors and Division Deans of both the transfer-in and transfer-out programmes.

  6. The upper limit of quota of students to switch programmes is 20% for each programme (the 20% limitation is applied to both change-out and change-in students).

  7. Students apply for transfer within the same Division but are out of the 20% limit may be given special consideration if they pass the programme interview.

  8. If the application is approved, the receiving programme will decide to admit the student to the year of study which it considers appropriate.

  9. Changing to the new study programme will take effect in the following academic year. A study plan should be filed with the Academic Registry by the transfer-in programme before the beginning of the student’s study.

  10. A student is allowed to change his/her study programme only once during his/her four-year study at the College. This eligibility will not be affected by:
    a) the post-entry programme allocation due to broad-based admission; or
    b) the post-entry assignment of programme concentration.

  11. Other stipulations from government guidelines on changing study programme not mentioned above will also be applied.