1.  Fulfilling the Minor Programme Requirements

  1.1  Students must fulfil the minor programme requirements by making use of the units for free electives which means that if students choose a course to fulfill the minor programme requirement, its course group must be under the free electives.
 1.2  Whether taking a minor programme or not, it is compulsory for students to meet the free electives requirements in order to graduate.
  1.3  A course cannot be double-counted as a major and minor course at the same time.
  For example:
  1. If a major required course is also listed under a student’s minor required/elective courses, the units gained on this course will be counted towards the major programme first. Student has to choose another course under the list of minor elective courses to fulfill the minor unit requirement.

  2. If a minor required course is also listed under a student’s major elective courses, the units gained from this course will serve to satisfy the minor unit requirement only. It will not be counted towards the major programme, and student has to choose another course under the list of major elective courses to fulfill the major unit requirement.

  3. If a minor elective course is also listed under students’ major elective courses, students may use it to fulfill either their minor or major unit requirement.

  1.4  Students satisfying the graduation requirements of the major programme but failing to satisfy the minor requirements will graduate with the major only. No extension of study period will be allowed for such students for the purpose of fulfilling the minor requirements.
  1.5  Students who have satisfied the minor programme requirements but failed to satisfy the graduation requirements of the major programme CANNOT graduate with the minor programme only.

2.  Using Transfer Units to Fulfill the Minor Programme Requirement

  2.1  Transfer courses may serve to fulfill the minor programme requirement but the number of transfer units allowed for a minor programme will not be more than 6 units.

3.  For Graduation with a Minor Programme

  3.1  There is GPA requirement for the minor programme.  A student, in order to graduate with a minor, has to:
  1. fulfill all college general requirements; and

  2. pass all courses required in the major and minor programmes; and

  3. attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all the courses attempted for the minor programme; and

  4. attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all the courses attempted.

4.  Enrollment Limitation

  4.1  Due to timetabling and class quota set by academic units, students will not be guaranteed a place for any minor course they wish to take.

5.  Graduate with a Minor

  5.1  Students who have successfully accumulated 15 units required for the minor programme may apply for graduation with minor at the time announced by the AR (i.e. usually during the last semester of students’ final study year).

6.  Certificate

  6.1  No certificate will be issued by the College for Minor programme(s), the completed Minor will be recorded on the academic transcript only.