General Regulations for Undergraduate Degree Programmes  (Revised: 30 Oct, 2019) *

[ * This version is subject to change. Any subsequent revisions will be shown in the latest version which can be accessed by this link. ]


Undergraduate Programme Handbook


Division of Business and Management

Revised Study Plan

Accounting Programme

Study Plan 2019 ACCT    

Applied Economics Programme

Study Plan 2019 AE

e-Business Management and Information Systems Programme

Study Plan 2019 EBIS

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme

Study Plan 2019 EPIN

Finance Programme

Study Plan 2019 FIN

Management of Human Resources Programme

Study Plan 2019 MHR 

Marketing Management Programme

Study Plan 2019 MKT 

Division of Culture and Creativity


Cinema and Television Programme

Culture, Creativity and Management Programme


Media Arts and Design Programme

Study Plan 2019 MAD

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences


Applied Translation Studies Programme


English Language and Literature Studies Programme


Globalisation and Development Programme

Media and Communication Studies Programme

Public Relations and Advertising Programme

Study Plan 2019 PRA

Social Work and Social Administration Programme

Study Plan 2019 SWSA

Division of Science and Technology


Applied Psychology Programme

Computer Science and Technology Programme


Data Science Programme

Environmental Science Programme


Financial Mathematics Programme


Food Science and Technology Programme


Statistics Programme



Minor Programme Handbook

Division of Business and Management

Minor Programme in Business

Minor Programme in e-Business Management and Applications

Minor Programme in Finance

Division of Culture and Creativity

Minor Programme in Arts and Design

Minor Programme in Music

Minor Programme in Tourism and Event Management

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Minor Programme in English Studies

Minor Programme in Public Relations and Advertising

Division of Science and Technology

Minor Programme in Applied Psychology

Minor Programme in Computer Science and Technology


Appendix I: General Education
Appendix II: Course Descriptions