Normally, the transcript self-help printing machine is available at the Information Desk of Academic Registry, AD201 for students who are on campus to print their transcripts during office hours .

The system is closed at weekends, public holidays, during final examinations and system maintenance periods.

Only current students and those who graduated within one year can use the self-help printing machine. For those who graduated beyond one year or students who are not on campus, please follow the procedures below to make the application.

Besides official transcripts, the Academic Registry issues various kinds of certifications to students when required. Before making application, please refer to the Eligibility for Different Certification


1.  How to Apply

1.1 Apply in Person/by Authorised Person

Applicants may apply in person or authorise someone to apply at the Information Desk of Academic Registry with one of the following ID documents: Campus Card / Student ID Booklet / Personal ID Card. 

1.2 Apply via Email

Applicants may apply via email if they are NOT ON CAMPUS by emailing their request or completed application form to AR via together with the copy of their personal ID cards. We will reply to you after your eligibility is verified. Please follow the procedures in our reply.


2.  Fees

The charge of certification(s) is listed in the application form and all fees must be paid at the Information Desk of AR or to the College bank account before collection of the documents.


3Processing Time

Normally three working days from the application date except in the first two weeks of each semester, a longer processing time may be needed.


4.  Collection

4.1  Collect in Person

Applicants should collect the certification(s) with one of the following ID documents: Campus Card / Student ID Booklet / personal ID Card for ID verification.

4.2  Collect by Authorised Person

Applicants can authorise someone to collect the official certification(s) on their behalf. Authorisation Form can be downloaded from  AR Homepage → Download Area → For Students → Authorisation Letter. The authorised person has to bring along his/her personal ID card, the authorisation letter and a copy of the applicant’s personal ID card when come for collection.



  1. Postal/Delivery Service is NOT available.

  2. Applicants can request for enclosing the official certification(s) in the envelope(s) sealed with official chop.

  3. Applicants should collect the requested certification(s) within 30 calendar days from the application date; otherwise the certification(s) will be disposed without refund to applicants.

  4. The above procedures are subject to revisions by AR without advance notice.